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We left the Netherlands in september 2015. We keep a blog at www.aroundtheworld.lol . As we decided to become digital nomads a new website had to come. The world is changing quickly. The globalists want to destroy all our souvereign borders both nationwise and cultural. The illegal wars have brought us a midevil cult carried by the immigrants Merkel invited to enter by the hundred of thousands. It has devided our country while we forget the main issue is the banking system that robbed us poor. But the people forgot about the banks facing the conflict over this human rights violating sekt. I wanted to leave and not come back. Ilse went back…

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SEO and websites

I  had a few options to make money on the way around the world. I have a SEO and webdesign project going on in the Netherlands. About 20 years ago I started making websites for my company as a contractor and worked my website up in Google. Now I am  supporing a few companies around the world with their websites and SEO. This is something I can keep doing while traveling the world or when I am settled anywhere in the world. We design websites and do the SEO for small businesses for small budgets. This is an occupation I can keep doing. In the Netherlands I contacted some friends to see if we could send items to them for their yoga schools and shops. This way I can make some more money. Now we are sending directly from the factories in Nepal. Beside this I took my video and photography camera’s, a drone and a Macbook. If not for the money, we might get a free stay at the hotels and guesthouses for making a promo for their gueathouse.


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ShanTVision SEO Search Engine Optimisation Internet Marketing Video Holland Netherlands

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We made a few movies and some websites. Around the World Laughing out Loud is a great new brand, so we gave small guesthouses the opportunity to get a subdomain with us. Happy Home and Luciano Guesthouse are some examples of low budget websites I make. The promo for Luciano Guesthouse became a nice impression of Goa’s Arambol…


We have our own banner exchange that we share only within our group of clients/friends. We do not support Multinationals as we think these companies take all individuality and creativity out of us.  So on all our projects you will see the advertisements of our friends going by. When you become a partner in our network, we will help you getting more and more traffic to your website. Your succes is our succes!

Digital Nomads

It was quit a big change for us to leave the ‘safety’ and comfort of our country. But I guess this is what economical crises do; we need to go and look for new options elsewhere. We have a choice to become world citizens or stay debtslaves in a crumbling system. Well, here we are now, presently in Nepal. At this moment I am writing this in Bhaktapur, out in the green hills looking upon beautiful lush green rice fields. It is tropical hot and sometimes raining, but the room is beautiful. We have problems with the internet. Not everywhere the internet is reliable to say the least.

In Sri Lanka the guesthouses have simple internet packages, mostly only for home use. We managed to use 17 Gigabite bandtwith in one day! This isn’t possible, but after that day for the rest of the month no more internet. I tried to argue with the provider, 4 villages further from the guesthouse we stayed in, but the guy behind the counter was a digital illiterate, so we had to leave.

In India the internet is better but electricity drops out for hours. Sometimes we had to wait hours to get internet again. Speed depends on the location and how many people in the guesthouse are using it. When only one is watching a youtube clip, we could close down our laptops… We have 3G on an Indian Vodafone sim which is working fine in most area’s. In Arambol Beach we had no connection whatsoever. It’s an adventure to find places where we can work. Goa has been the most pleasant one… We love to be Digital Nomads!


If you are interested in us and our services and you would like to be part of our network, please feel free to  contact us for more information !


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SEO Search Engine Optimisation Internet Marketing Holland Netherlands ShanTVision

SEO Search Engine Optimisation Internet Marketing Holland Netherlands ShanTVision