Video production

Video Production

ShanTVision PVT LTD is offering video productions as a means of SEO. YouTube video’s appear in the search results just like websites. One of our clients is Luciano Guesthouse. If you use the keywords ‘Guesthouse Arambol’, the location where the guesthouse is situated with your target, a guesthouse, you will see Luciano Guesthouse’s website appear in the top ten results. Two of the links are ours, their website link and their promotional video.


Safari Video

This is a safari video in the Bahariyya black and white desert of Egypt. With original drone footage!



Live speaker video recording

This is a video recording of an event I organised in The Hague with ‘De Nieuwe Dominee’ for ‘De Onafhankelijke Pers‘.


Interview video

This is an interview with a famous dutch journalist Joost Niemöller for ‘De Onafhankelijke Pers‘.


This is an interview with Jan Marijnissen, founder of the Dutch Socialist Party, I made for ‘De Onafhankelijke Pers‘.



This is a promo made for our blog.


Personal video

This is a budget promotional video made in Goa for one of our clients.




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